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    Did you know that installing a ceiling fan can be a project that you can do yourself over a weekend if you follow the outline I’ve laid out below. No need to hire an electrical Sacramento professional. In some cases, it’s smart to hire a professional or at least consult with your favorite local sacramento electrician. Regardless, the steps I’ve laid out below will allow you to make the correct decision about your ceiling fan installation in your home.

    The benefits of installing a ceiling fan are numerous. It helps to keep your home cool during the hot summer months, without taking on the extra charge of blasting your AC all summer long. So, it saves you money and keeps you and your family cool. Even during the winter months, the blades can be reversed so that they direct heat away from the ceiling, allowing more heat to flow throughout the room. Once again, allowing you to lower your heating bills. In some cases, depending on which ceiling fan you purchase, it can even be used for decoration in your home, allowing you to compliment certain features throughout your home and help tie your rooms together.

    If your room dimension is 12 feet or less then a 36-inch fan will do just fine. If your room is 12 to 15 feet then a 42-inch fan will fit perfectly. Lastly, if your room dimension is 15 to 18 feet then you’ll need a 52-inch fan.

    How to prepare to install a ceiling fan

    When preparing to install your fan it’s important to consult with your electrical sacramento professional. He’ll be able to let you know if you have any electrical problems with your house before you being the install. In most cases the wiring should already be in place, as fans usually replace current light fixtures. A lot of times it just involves following the directions that come with your fan. In some cases, if additional wiring does need to be done then it makes sense to consult with a sacramento electrician. All of the wiring throughout your home has to conform with local and national electrical codes.

    If you do decide to do the install yourself make sure you do all of the following: turn off power to your home, test to make sure all of the power is off, check with your local authorities to make sure that you don’t need a permit for the install, when finished have your work checked by a contractor, finally make sure you consult with a electrical sacramento professional to make sure your work follows all of your local regulations.

    Note that fans must be mounted at least 7 feet above the floor and shouldn’t have anything within 24 inches of the blades. This makes sure your fan performs at maximum efficiency.

    I hope these tips have helped point you in the right direction with your ceiling fan installation. If you have any questions or concerns please head over to the contact page or give me a call at 916-550-2986.

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    3 Responses to Electrician in Sacramento Ceiling Fan Repair

    1. weldon says:

      I need ceiling fan service or replacement. Ceiling fan with light kit stopped working. Do not know if it is the remote or a problem with the fixture. Please call at 916 9292450 with a repair extimate. Campus Commons area 95825

    2. weldon says:

      I have a ceiling fan with light kit stopped working. Could be problem with unit or remote. Please provide estimate for repair/replacement. 916 9292450. Campus Commons area 95825

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