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    Our Sacramento Electrical Contractors Give You In-Depth Information About Your Electrical Panel

    According to our Sacramento electrical contractors your home, business or commercial area will already have an electrical panel, as long as you’re running electricity that is. In most cases if you’re living or working out of an older building or home your electrical panel might be older and either in need of repair or need to be replaced all together.

    When asking around there are several names that this special box goes by, such as, the load center, breaker box, breaker panel, service panel and my favorite the electrical panel. Basically, it can be thought of as the little steel box that houses all your circuit breakers which are then wired to circuits that send power to your home. Thus, powering all your electrical devices, TV, washer and dryer, lights, etc.

    Keep in mind that when replacing or repairing anything in this electrical panel it’s important to consult with your electrician sacramento.

    The electrical panel helps to protect your home by from electrical damage by cutting off the power source, also know as tripping, when the electrical current is to high. If you need to increase the electrical power to your facility or home then you might want to consider replacing your electrical panel or at the very least adding a few extra breakers.

    When undergoing a replacement there are a few factors that you’ll need to consider: the components (main breaker, the circuit breaker, bus bars, grounding bars, neutral bus bars, etc.), types (main lug, the main breaker, transfer switches, and the sub panel, to amps (the ranges depend on need but usually range from 100 to 200), and the circuit breakers (which come in double pole, single pole, AFCI and GFCI).

    If all these words just sound like technical jargon to you, believe me they’re not. Each one is a special piece to the puzzle that is your electrical panel. That’s why it’s important to check with your sacramento electrical contractors before making any electrical panel improvements or adjustments.

    Want to learn more about your electrical panel? 

    The main components of your system are the main breaker, which limits the amount of electricity coming in from outside sources to protect the unit. The circuit breakers control the flow of power through their on and off switches. The bus bars are used to carry power through the breakers and into the circuits. The neutral and grounding bus bars are used to group the system and ensure the constant flow of electricity.

    The main type of breaker panel that will be used for your home is called the main breaker panel. This type of panel has a built-in main breaker, which is used to shut off your home’s power if needed. If you don’t shut this off then you’ll definitely need to call your Sacramento electrical contractors as you’ll do some serious damage to your home.

    Your systems Amps are the amount of amps that will be allowed to flow through your electrical system. For instance, if you have a 150 amp panel, then that’s the maximum amount of electricity that will be allowed to be used in your home at any given time. The lowest an amp system will go is 60 amps, while the most common that will be found in your home can range anywhere from 100 to 200 amps.

    There are a few different types of circuit breakers that can be used in your electrical panel, but the main role that circuit breakers play is dividing up the power to be used in different portions of your home. Most circuit breakers should only be used to 80% of their capacity, so if your circuit breaker is rated at 30 amps then it should only carry a load of 24 amps. If you want, you can calculate the total load of the circuit by adding up the electrical loads of all the devices that you think will be or are using the circuit.

    I hope that you’ve found this educational and have learned a couple things about your home’s electrical panel. If you need a local sacramento electrician get in contact with us at our contact page or give us a call at 916-550-2986.

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